Hi, I’m Margaret

I grew up in rural Nova Scotia, in my own little domain of forest and shore. I spent a lot of time alone as a child and much of that in nature – these are the very foundations of my being and I return to them daily for safety. 

I’m lit up by real, meaningful human connection. My sun sign is Taurus-Gemini and rising sign is Gemini, I’m introvert-leaning, an INFP, and a 4w5 on the Enneagram. I’m a lover of personal development, astrology, tarot, and personality tests.

I live on a one acre homestead in Nova Scotia with my husband and two daughters. We call it Hawthorn Hollow because our land sits in a little valley, tucked in between hills of century old Hawthorn groves. We have a flock of mixed heritage chickens, productive gardens, the beginnings of a permaculture food forest, and big dreams. 

When I was little I used to write and dream that I would someday live in an old house by a river, there would be a willow tree, and I would root myself there and write. Did I manifest this life?

I’m learning about herbalism, foraging, plant medicine, permaculture, and reskilling at each opportunity. I make space for meditation, therapy, movement, journalling, walking, sauna, cooking, conversation, creative play, and physical touch. These are the tools and practices that support me on my healing journey. 

Rooting myself in this rural life just about saved this sensitive soul. 

Living locavore is about finding what you need as close to you as possible. 

It’s about nourishing ourselves and learning how to build resilience outside of capitalism; it’s radical self-care and community-care; growing our self-sufficiency, skills, and knowledge. 

It’s about choosing local-as-possible first – growing, foraging, or sourcing locally grown food, supporting our farmers and producers AND advocating for those who face barriers to food security.

It’s about slow, mindful, seasonal living and prioritizing our own well-being and the well-being of the earth. 


A few random tidbits about me for nosy folks:

I have a B.A. and M.A. in English | I have a copywriting business | I dream of writing books | I speak French |I love potatoes | I met my husband online | I lived on Vancouver Island for eight years | I once travelled through California and Baja Sur, Mexico in a Westfalia camper van | I backpacked around Europe for six weeks after high school graduation | I spent childhood summers wild and free on an off grid island | | I feel amazing when I eat red meat | I like my coffee with maple syrup and goat’s milk | my favourite berry is raspberry | I was once a drummer in a Nirvana cover band | I’ve dabbled in piano, drums, and guitar | I once jumped off a 75 foot cliff into the mediterranean sea | I dream of someday having alpacas | I like yoga, hiking, swimming + biking | I have never broken a bone | I built my first website with html in 1999 | I started writing in journals as soon as I could | I’ve lived with anxiety all my life | I’m a domestic abuse survivor | I’ve been alcohol-free since July 2017 | my dad died of ALS  | I can snap an arrow in two with my throat