This is for you.

I believe in the extraordinary community of rural women I’ve come to know and love. You care about the earth, your communities, families, supporting local, your work, and your own well-being.

You care a lot and you do a lot, every day. I wanted to create a positive space where we can connect, pose difficult questions, share our thoughts, ideas, personal stories, and resources, and have conversations about the things that matter to us.

The work of personal growth, parenting, and social and environmental change can be deeply rewarding. It can also be isolating and depleting. My wish and hope is that we might share the joy and the struggle, cultivate compassion for ourselves and each other, and build sustainable, abundant lives together. 

Let’s work together!

I’m here for heart-led entrepreneurs.

If you’re feeling too busy with the day-to-day of your business to approach your marketing in a mindful way, I’m here. If you have a growing community of supporters, but love and good vibes aren’t paying the bills, I can help.

There is a way to build a community around your brand, provide value to your dream customers in an authentic way, and build a sustainable, profitable online business. I would love to help you make it happen!