One year of zero waste

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The conversation about zero waste became really exciting in 2018-2019! This article about China no longer accepting our plastic bags really moved people to act.

We could no longer ignore the fact that the plastic we use every day and how we dispose of it really is our problem - and its impact on the earth and our health was much more of a crisis than most people realized. The images of whales with bellies full of plastic really drove the point home.

I, like many others, made a 2018 resolution to reduce the amount of plastic coming into my home and going out to the recycling and landfill. Taking it a bit further than most, I started blogging about zero waste over at Simple Local Life in February 2018.

In that series, I focus mostly on changing habits and tweaking daily routines and being more mindful about plastic and waste in general. I wanted to share my process and support others who were looking to make small, meaningful changes.

You can head over to Simple Local Life to read the entire series, but here are a few of my favourite posts:

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What did you do to reduce plastic in 2018-2019? What has been the biggest challenge so far? Let me know in a comment!

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