Zero Waste Tips for Low Impact Travel

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Travelling can teach us so much, about ourselves and the world we live in. I’ve travelled across Canada several times, down the West Coast to the tip of the Baja Peninsula, and overseas once. I’ve travelled by train, camper van, car, plane, bicycle, ship, and even canoe.

Exploring other places and cultures can inspire us creatively, help us understand our own privilege, and teach us how to communicate and connect over language barriers and perceived differences. It can also test our mettle in uncomfortable situations. I’ve learned that, like many others, I like comfort and I love good food and coffee; however, I loathe the waste that can quickly accumulate when you expect these things on the road.

Yes, I make small sacrifices to reduce waste – at least once daily. I often put the health of the environment ahead of my own comforts and desires. But, because I know myself, I do my best to plan ahead so that I can enjoy the things I love most while making the lowest possible impact on other people and the planet.

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Pack for the planet!


What are your favourite zero waste travel essentials?